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Why use infrared repair methods?

The application of an asphalt-recycling program is to repair potholes, sunken utility cuts, depressions/poor water drainage, high spots, cracks, alligator areas, catch basins, and oil spots The program is intended for repair of existing localized pavement distresses not caused by grade problems below the asphalt.


No Seams!!!

Infrared repair techniques are faster than cutting out and replacing asphalt, and they do not leave a joint around the perimeter of a repair for water to seep into. Infrared asphalt recyclers warm the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit - the same temperature that new asphalt is when manufactured at the plant. With the infra red method there is no flame contact to burn and damage the asphalt. The softened asphalt can be raked to mix in hot liquid binder and fresh asphalt, if needed, before compaction. This results in a permanent and attractive repair that has recycled the existing asphalt.

Typical Repairs:

1. Potholes in roads and driveways
2. Sunken utility cuts
3. Depressions/poor water drainage
4. High spots
5. Cracks
6. Catch basins
7. Oil spots



Time factor: Quick in and out less time tying up parking spaces or in traffic

Money savings for the customer: Considerably less expensive than traditional “cut and dig”

Environmentally friendly…recycles existing asphalt

Permanent Repair: Seamless welded edges. No joint for water to seep through.


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